Hassan A.Al Aithan Gen Cont Est.

AL-AITHAN was established in 1998 as a contracting establishment, Saudi owned company. We are a team of technically qualified engineers, from the different parts of the world.
Our main business is to direct towards the electrical, civil construction, mechanical erection and also in the areas of the oil refineries, petrochemical plants, dewatering services, steel plants, fertilizer plants.
Our aim is to provide high quality services to our clients with high quality inspection procedure. We have a good expertise in heavy industrial project who are well qualified professionals. We are now expanding our services by improving the quality in industrial area day by day. We have established our new office in Jubail , to accelerate our services as per increasing demand.
AL-AITHAN has a health and safety programmed taken to avoid any kind of accidents in job site. It is due to the safety and health measures of the employees and the protection of the environment.


Safety, Health and Wellbeing of people, accident prevention and the protection of environment are fundamental principle of United Tech. The staffs of United Tech are committed to communicate and implement all regulation and instruction to enable work to be Carried out safely.
All of our workers are required to report to our safety in-charge the existence of any conditions or situation, which, while not normally being considered a radiation hazard, may become a hazard in special or unusual circumstances
The company has a health and safety programmed in order to eliminate accidents at job sites. This program is implemented by arranging safety awareness meetings weekly and monthly

Our Mission

To provide our clients with timely, cost effective and comprehensive Industrial solutions by integrating the latest in techniques, tools and qualified personnel for global competitiveness. To be a dynamic and world class technology leader in providing Innovative solutions to the global market.
To maintain a strong economic platform through sound financial practices in support of these goals. To build strategic partnerships with our customers through a variety of service options. offer our employees opportunities for growth through participation, achievement, recognition and reward

General & Facility maintenance

Handling all types of short-form or long-form plant maintenance works related to Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical disciplines. Removal of ground weeds and waste disposal from plant facilities. Executing routine cleaning of office, sanitary and other facilities including material supply.

Quality Policy

The quality policy is defined with the objective to achieve customer satisfaction. The policy is communicated to all levels of employees in the organization to ensure their commitment to quality. It is our quality policy to Develop and implement Quality system standards to improve product quality performance and over all effectiveness of the system.
To develop the skills of our employees, the great emphasis placed on structured training Program conducted and to utilize only qualified personnel in order to improve the overall

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals that work in coordination to channel in the best way in order to position, consolidate and maintain its corporate image and prestige. We add value for our customers by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing cost-effective solutions and services. Through excellent and efficient services, we will meet our customers' expectations. They will see us as a leader in the industry. We will provide an environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow and prosper in an atmosphere of respect and recognition. Our employees will be proud to work for a profitable and thriving employee-owned company.